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There are more of us than you realise

This edition, Andrew tries to find the number of people who haven’t succumbed to experimental gene therapy in the UK. Is it comparable to the support for major political...

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Has Politics Changed Forever

Has politics as we know it been suspended indefinitely “due to covid”? If that was the end of an era, then what is the next political landscape going to...

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Libertarianism In Mainstream TV

We’re so used to the general level of statist indoctrination that comes out of mainstream television and film, that it can be a surprise to find a truly libertarian...

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Vaccine Passport Exemptions

In this episode, we discuss the medical exemptions you can self declare in order to attend venues or events that insist on (or by law are mandated to use)...

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Jack Dorsey Surprises And Anarchism Sells

In this edition, Andrew drops some white pills starting with Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey tweeting out a complete surprise. Is Jack a secret libertarian? Does this mean he’s not...

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12 Months From Now

In this episode, we tackle a question from one of the members of our Telegram channel, which you can find at We were asked what we thought Britain,...

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Hear Me Out… Testosterone Passports

Yes yes, I know. I’ve been highlighting the folly of Covid Passports for months. I’ve said that they’re essentially implementing a caste system alongside a mobile tracking app and...

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Virtue Broadcasting – When Virtue Signalling Just Isn’t Enough

Did you know that the term Virtue Signalling is only 5 years old? It seems like it’s been around forever, doesn’t it? It was actually created in a Spectator...

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If we’re going to argue about the tyranny of the majority, I will win

So, we’ve finally left the EU. But this hasn’t stopped a few ardent remainers from trotting out some of the arguments they’ve been making for the past three and...

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Facebook wants regulation because it wants to strangle new ideas

There are many motivations for starting a company, but most of them involve having an idea. It might not be an original one, but that idea is what fuels...

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Brexit isn’t threatening our constitution, Theresa May is.

It’s easy to say we are going through a constitutional crisis. The assessment is a lazy one. But this issue is bigger than Brexit (although that was the trigger)...

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People’s something – where have I heard that before?

Albania. Bulgaria. Czechoslovakia. Hungary. Poland. Romania. Yugoslavia. What do they have in common? How about Ethiopia? Add in China and North Korea. All have been or currently are countries...

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Your Podcast Hosts


Andrew Elliott


A fierce libertarian, Andrew is a purist when it comes to freedom and the elimination of the state. Heroes: Rothbard and Mises.


Nic Elliott


When it comes to the state, Nic is an Atheist, but while he hates labels, he enjoys calling himself a liberal to annoy the right people.

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