COVID-19: The Economy, The New Laws and The Libertarian Option

In the second of our locked down podcasts, we discuss (as expected) the latest news around COVID-19.

We start by differentiating between SARS-COV-2 (The latest coronavirus from China) and COVID-19 (the respiratoty disease caused by the virus) before moving on to the economy and the effects it has had, and will have on our lives in the future.

We then discuss the new laws that have just been put in place and how overzealous police forces are taking it upon themselves to enforce more than the laws themselves.

Finally, we chat about what may have happened under a more liberal, libertarian system. How would people react if they knew the government wouldn’t interfere in their lives? Would people finally be able to think for themselves?

You can find Hector Drummond’s blog, by clicking here.

The new legislation for the UK lockdown can be found by clicking here.


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