Professor Dolores Cahill Seminar – Part 1

This episode is a little different from our normal podcasts.

Nic and I aren’t chatting in this one. Instead, we present to you a talk that was given last year. A talk, you’ll be pleased to know, that was given by someone other than ourselves.

It’s difficult to overstate just how courageous our speaker is, today. Nic and I have been open about how we should have done more during the covid madness. This person had no such issues. While Nic and I, and you, were breaking the rules in small ways. Visiting family & friends, for example. Our speaker was organising marches with tens of thousands of people. During the very first lockdown. At the peak of the insanity.

She’s a true trailblazer and a visionary and I was lucky enough to attend a seminar with her last year, organised by an old friend of mine, at his studio. This is part 1.

She’s a microbiologist an immunologist. An inventor, and a freedom fighter. She specialises in auto immune diseases and cancer and defending our inalienable rights. She has had more arrest warrants than I’ve had 350lbs deadlifts. And you’ve probably already seen and heard of her on TNT radio or on her many interviews.

I can’t tell you how much of an honour it is to release this one. Please enjoy this fantastic edition of the sounding board podcast with Professor Dolores Cahill.

You can find Dolores at her website and at

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