The Great Derangement

After more than a week of Black Lives Matter protests, and statues being torn down, we discuss whether destruction of public property is as bad as private property, and how the Autonomous Zone in Seattle has already formed at least one government since ditching the last one.  The Minneapolis Police force is being officially dismantled, but what will be created in its place, and is this a good experiment?

J K Rowling has put the cat amongst the pigeons again with her thoroughly reasonable and logic tweets on biological sex and the existence of women, but yet the woke are in full backlash.  Are the general public starting to see the inherent contradictions in woke ideology?

Maybe we are under no more danger any more from Coronavirus (hint, we kind of never where), and that’s why all this woke nonsense has surfaced again.  It’s amazing what you can do while you are on government paid furlough. 

And what of Boris?  Does he resemble another former Tory Prime Minister?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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