Is it possible to have a moderate/centrist view on a conspiracy theory?

How about something as simple as food? Are vegans and carnivore the extremists and omnivores to sensible centrists?

We discuss spectra other than the classic political left/right axis and whether there are any other nuanced, moderate positions that we might hold.

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2 comments on Can you be a centrist on everything?

  1. Al Jahom says:

    Centrists are mealy-mouthed cowards and equivocators.

    They won’t come out and speak a truth like “BLM are racist terrorists who should be on a watchlist and drummed out of public life”. They won’t say “Environmentalists are weaponising ecology to usher in communism”. They won’t say “sex-equality is a sham because men and women clearly have different strengths and abilities”. They won’t say “Generally, women should not be in charge of anything because they are rule-obsessed authoritarian pettifoggers who struggle to think conceptually”.

    They are midwit zombies who try to placate all sides, when really they enrage everyone who has a completely thought through position. Remember that a commie can have a properly thought through position – we’d merely disagree on our philosophies, axioms and definitions of terms. A centrist cannot have this because he tries to synthesize a position that is built from incoherent, conflicting ideas.

    Centrists think you can be friends with people who want you dead.

    1. Nic Elliott says:

      You certainly aren’t taking a centrist position in your views on centrists, haha

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