This episode, we talk about a whole bunch of stuff. But, unintentionally almost all of it leads to psychology. Dark psychology. We talk about religion, and how it can incentivise evil. We talk about the spread of good & evil in society and why you should probably expect the same spread at the elite level. Or at the very least, you shouldn’t expect less evil people up there in vice wielding territory.

We then move onto the trans agenda and how fighting this particular type of control may be more important than you might think. Is it just a distraction? Or could there me more at stake than meets the eye?

From there, we talk about different trans identities and how the current batch aren’t actually that original, and they lack both style and substance compared with the people they’re copying.

After that, we move from transgenderism to transhumanism, incorporating AI. But is it really AI? Just how intelligent are the current batch of LLMs? And was that Elon Musk phoning into the Alex Jones show the other day, pretending to be a normal punter, to give his opinion on it?

If that isn’t enough, we chat about the recent Vladimir Putin interview with Tucker Carlson. The only interview a western journalist has had with the Russian leader since the war began. We also touch a little on cancel culture and comebacks and how Tucker instantly became bigger than he ever was.

Photo by Alicia Christin Gerald on Unsplash

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