Difficult Questions for Libertarianism

Libertarianism isn’t an endpoint for how society should operate. It’s a beginning. How a libertarian society should operate isn’t known. Indeed, because of its inherent freedom, many competing ways would probably exist. Because of this, libertarianism has some tough questions to tackle. Whilst we don’t claim to have all the answers, we never shy away...

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Changing One Thing About the State & The Dominance of the Left

What would it be? Not abolish the state entirely, but make one change to it and the way it works. Would it be simple and maybe cliché and just privatise the NHS, or would you want to abolish state education? How about the way we pay tax? Or how we deal with private property? These...

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Labour Leadership Lunacy, Unelected Political Influences and Project Fear Failed Predictions

This week we start by discussing the current crop of Labour Leadership contenders. We take apart their views on transgender sex offenders and whether having Labour members influence military policy might not be such a great idea. We then move on to political influence in general. What is and is not ok? How insulated should...

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Rigged Elections and Whether the Right is a Threat

On this our 50th edition, Andrew puts to Nic a thought experiment where a general election is rigged in order to get freedom lovers in power. Would that be a good thing?  What are the moral implications?  Should outcomes matter more than methods? This leads us onto whether the political right are a threat any...

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Labels, Tribalism and Rejecting Definitions

Do you hate being labelled?  Nic certainly does, and in this edition he explains why he rejects being put into categories, and his squeamishness over membership of tribes. Whether its atheist, liberal or even libertarian – we discuss whether there is any label that fits our outlook on the world, and lament that all the...

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The Differences Between The Left and The Right

There are some fairly fundamental characteristics of being left wing and right wing. But do people actually know the differences, or would they mis-categorise a lot of the traits of both? ​ We discuss whether Andrew’s succinct definitions of the left and the right hold water and then go on to attempt to describe the...

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Socialism: What If The Labour Party Had Won?

Even though the Conservative Party won a comfortable majority in the December 2019 UK General Election, it’s still worth talking about what life would have been like under Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist Labour Party. What would happen when the economic policies of nationalisation, massive spending and capital controls started yielding truly negative results? Would the Labour...

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The Witcher, Wokeness and Bad TV

“Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another… I’d rather not choose at all.” ~ Geralt of Rivia The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski In this first edition of 2020, Nic talks about his Christmas break of watching...

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Cherán, Mexico – How One Town Expelled The State

In 2011 the residents of a small municipality in Mexico rose up against politicians, the police and illegal loggers associated with the drug cartel La Familia Michoacana. Expelling the corruption and driving those responsible from the town, the crime rate in Cherán has dropped off a cliff. What can we learn from their unique example?...

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Election Results 2019 – Who and what were the real winners?

It’s results day 2019! In this episode, we discuss the UK General Election results. We look at statistics, trends, vote share and debate who, & what, were the real winners and losers this time around. We may be relieved, but is the result actually bittersweet? —— Please visit our website to download or stream all...

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