General Election 2019 and the Current State of British Politics

It’s that time again! It’s polling day tomorrow, so we couldn’t record anything but a General Election special. We discuss the latest YouGov MRP (whatever that stands for…), trends amongst other polls and the state of the current crop of political parties. Just how close do we think the result will be? Will we be...

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Democracy, Libertarianism and the Trouble with Voting

Recorded straight after the last edition, we follow on with a discussion on the problems of our democratic system and whether we only have a choice of the “least worst” from here on in. We talk about whether voting matters in a “safe seat”, and whether we have been unwittingly encouraging others to vote on...

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The Leftwards Drift of UK Politics

In this episode we analyse the manifestos of all major UK parties. And the Greens. Andrew reached for the short straw this week when he had to read all parties’ manifestos for the upcoming UK General Election on December 12th. Why are they all so similar? Why is it so hard to tell the difference,...

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A La Cartism, Boris and the next UK General Election

Has Boris found the magic centrist formula for winning the election with his championing of both the free market and the public sector? Or will the Conservatives desire to spend, spend, spend, cause them to look like Labour Lite? After writing this blog post before there was a general election set, has anything changed? We...

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The Berlin Wall Fell 30 Years Ago

It’s the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – a crucial moment in the late 20th century that signalled the end of the Cold War and the retreat of Communism. So what has changed since then, and do people born after this moment have different sensibilities when it comes to who the...

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Does a General Election Mean we Finally Get Brexit?

We’re finally having a general election.  But will it really solve the parliamentary problems we are currently experiencing? Why are we in the situation we are in? Why are we having a General Election at all? In this edition, Andrew and Nic discuss the craziness of the last couple of weeks in UK politics and...

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Thought Experiment: Privatising the Public Sector

What if everything the government does was privatised? Not the law making, but all of the other functions and agencies and quangos. Could it be done quickly? What would be the consequences, and should we start with something small first… like the NHS. As we discuss going the whole hog, we realise we never started...

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Climate Change And Extinction Rebellion

Are we heading for the end of the human species as predicted by Extinction Rebellion? In the middle of the second week of London protests and blockades, we discuss some of the issues surrounding Anthropogenic Global Warming, and climate change in general. Does it play into their hands if we arrest the protesters, as George...

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Formal Language and Woke Culture

In a week dominated by reports in the media of parliament using inflammatory language, and the announcement that Sam Smith wants people to use new preferred pronouns, we discuss whether our natural language is becoming more like a formal one. What are the differences between a formal and natural language? What’s the importance of context...

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Dr Kristian Niemietz Interview: Socialism, Capitalism and Liberalism

We are joined by the Head of Political Economy at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Dr Kristian Niemietz, for a conversation on the phenomenon of modern support for socialism, whether apologists for capitalism help their cause, and whether we’ll see a new classical liberal revolution in our lifetimes. You can find Kristian on Twitter as...

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