Does Capitalism Need A Reboot… Into Valueism?

This week we talk about capitalism in an unapologetic way. We talk not about the ethics, but the morality of capitalism. Something we feel isn’t talked about enough these days, if ever. We consider what capitalism means, we try to define it in a moral, meaningful way, before finally asking ourselves if it needs a...

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The Uniqueness of Human Thought and Win-Win Transactions

Why is it that only humans trade?  In this edition, we discuss how the human capacity to think has lead us to invent the concepts of specialisation and exchange, and that there is a common fallacy that trade transactions aren’t in fact Win-Win. —— Please visit our website to download or stream all our previous...

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What’s Up With Communism?

This week another book on communism was published. We know what you’re thinking. This time, it’s going to be different… So we question various obvious, and not so obvious, aspects to communism. What happens to privacy when others decide what I am allowed? How much slavery is acceptable? How is value determined? How can communism...

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Change UK: The Splitters Have Split

This time, we revisit Change UK: The Independent Group. Actually, hang on: Change UK and The Independent Group. The splitters have split again. Warning: contains mild gloating. —— Please visit our website to download or stream all our previous episodes and to read our articles. Web: https://soundingboard.com Podcast RSS: https://soundingboard.com/feed/podcast Remember, you can now subscribe...

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Lib Dems and Change UK: Anti-democratic Politics in the UK

In this latest episode, we discuss the Lib Dems and their recent successes in the EU elections and the latest polls. We reason why they’ve experienced a recent uplift before discussing Change UK: The Independent Group and why they’ve seen precisely the opposite. —— Please visit our website to download or stream all our previous...

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Steel Manning Steel, Supermarket Nukes and Chlorinated Chickens

This week, we try to steel man the arguments against freeing up the steel industry. Steel is always sold as a strategic industry. We’re often told that we cannot free the market, that we must have tariffs on foreign steel, and that we must protect (subsidise or nationalise) our own steel industry. We conduct a...

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The Castor Semenya Controversy: Is it time for competition in competitions?

This week, we discuss Castor Semenya and the controversy surrounding intersex & transgender athletes. We talk about the definition of intersex, the rules around competing against females and if there’s a way forward that can please everyone. Where should the line be drawn when deciding who can compete in the female category in sport? Is...

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Is regulating the internet a direct threat to freedom?

Politicians are rushing to regulate the internet with the EU copyright directive, age verification on porn sites and now a new regulator of social media platforms to police so called online harms. In this edition we look across the globe to Vietnam, who at the turn of the year passed a law banning any criticism...

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Could The Current Constitutional Crisis Have Any Benefits?

This week we discuss whether Britain’s current constitutional crisis is actually a good thing. As Classical Liberals & Libertarians, should we delight in people realising that the current system of government isn’t working and cannot cope with incompetent or even sinister Members of Parliament? Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash —— Please visit our website...

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Why Is It OK To Laugh At Communism?

This week we discuss why we find buying each other communist memorabilia amusing but would not feel the same about fascist merchandise. We also question the rules around humour and what makes one ideology an acceptable target, but another not? Will Nic stop using his treasured Soviet tea set? Photo by Kirill Sharkovski on Unsplash...

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