Good news, free speech and the future of the media

This week we collate the amazing progress the world is actually making, before delving into why free speech is a good thing which leads us to discussing the future of traditional media.

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US Free Trade, Low Tax Tories and DExEU

This week we discuss Trump’s tactics with tariffs to obtain free trade, we ask why there are so few low tax conservative politicians and talk about the recent changes to the Department for Exiting the EU. As mentioned in segment 3, here are the links promised: Paper Money Collapse by Detlev Schlichter Detlev blogs at...

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Brexit, Chequers & Trump

This week, we discuss the fallout, one week on, from the Chequers agreement, including cabinet resignations and the non-state visit from President Trump. Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash —— Please visit our website to download or stream all our previous episodes and to read our articles. Web: https://soundingboard.com Podcast RSS: https://soundingboard.com/feed/podcast Remember, you can...

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