Climate Change And Extinction Rebellion

Are we heading for the end of the human species as predicted by Extinction Rebellion? In the middle of the second week of London protests and blockades, we discuss some of the issues surrounding Anthropogenic Global Warming, and climate change in general. Does it play into their hands if we arrest the protesters, as George...

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Formal Language and Woke Culture

In a week dominated by reports in the media of parliament using inflammatory language, and the announcement that Sam Smith wants people to use new preferred pronouns, we discuss whether our natural language is becoming more like a formal one. What are the differences between a formal and natural language? What’s the importance of context...

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Dr Kristian Niemietz Interview: Socialism, Capitalism and Liberalism

We are joined by the Head of Political Economy at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Dr Kristian Niemietz, for a conversation on the phenomenon of modern support for socialism, whether apologists for capitalism help their cause, and whether we’ll see a new classical liberal revolution in our lifetimes. You can find Kristian on Twitter as...

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The Problems With The Centre Ground

Is centrism really the answer to any political question? Is the centre ground really the safe area furthest from the two dominant authoritarian ideologies of the 20th century, or merely a cherry picked, statist mix of the two; dressed up to sound reasonable and measured? From critiquing Rory Stewart’s centrist “bow” to whether or not...

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The Left Right Game 2

After Andrew surprised Nic a few episodes ago with The Left Right Game, Nic has been thinking and planning a way of getting his own back, and taking the game a step further. In this edition, we look at whether certain organisations and people are more “Left” or “Right” wing (or a bit of both),...

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Proroguing Parliament: What does it really mean for Brexit?

As predicted, Boris Johnson has decided to end the current parliamentary session (the longest in modern times), and trigger a new Queen’s Speech. Remainists are naturally going crazy, and talking of constitutional outrage. But what does it actually mean for Brexit on 31 October? Is there time for fast-tracked, Bercow-enabled law that would either revoke...

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Bit of a chat: driving whisky, ruining Monopoly and the Chuka Umunna Award

In this edition, we have a longer chat than usual, but try to get in all the smaller topics that we feel were too short to be podcasts in their own right, or that we just want to rant about. We discuss gaming culture, and whether the terminology is creeping into political life, how Andrew...

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Negative Rights And Moral Relativism

This week, we’re interested in rights. Specifically, the difference between negative & positive rights and what they mean. We also discuss the difference between moral absolutism & relativism and how the left use the difficulties in defining boundaries for nefarious means when they talk about the greater good. —— Please visit our website to download...

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Should May, Not Boris, Prorogue Parliament?

How could the Remainer establishment blunt Boris Johnson’s threat of proroguing parliament to force through Brexit? Maybe, just maybe, there is a way of playing politics that blunts Boris’s endgame ambitions for no-deal. In short, what if Theresa May prorogued parliament now, before Boris gets a chance to? —— Please visit our website to download...

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The Left Right Game

This week, I surprise Nic with a new jape: The Left Right Game! I had the idea to state a number of different, collectivist policies and Nic had to tell me whether they were left or right wing, with evidence of course, to test my theory that many people associate all forms of statism with...

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