Are Today’s Socialists Any Different?

In this episode, Andrew asks whether today’s socialists, who try very hard to distance themselves from the socialists of the past, are really any different?

What are today’s socialists promising that yesterday’s didn’t promise in the past? And are their methods any different? If not, why should we expect any different outcomes?

Nic then asks if we can apply the same logic to centrists.  To do this, we discuss the different types of centrists, and ask whether you can have a hard and a soft centrist, and what distinguishes them.

We also talk about how the private sector is far better at adapting to changes in demand than the public sector and how the current Covid19 crisis has shown government run institutions to be very slow to react.

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One comment on “Are Today’s Socialists Any Different?

  1. Al Jahom says:

    You’ll have to forgive me for not having listened to you guys for long enough to know which one of you was saying this, but the bit about getting moved up a year at school, then moving area and having to repeat a year…. then the utter failure of secondary school… exactly the same happened to me, word for word, with exactly the same effect.

    I had a teacher when I was 9 years old who used to say “Im not as green as I’m cabbage looking” which sealed the deal, as I’d never seen a person who looked more like a cabbage in my life. She later found fame as one of the singing vegetables on Spitting Image, I believe,

    Later in my colourless school career, one of my teachers just laughed at parents evening on the run up to GCSEs and said “whatever we do, whatever he does, he’s going to get an A in this exam.”

    What I did in his lessons was take out a flask of coffee, a book and a pillow. He was one of the good guys.

    A few years later, by pure coincidence, I ended up in bed with his step-daughter, who had no idea we might be acquainted. Breakfast was surreal.

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