Real scepticism has never been tried

Population growth is slowing, but is that evidence of a long campaign to depopulate the earth? Or is it just the continued development of poorer countries?

Nic gets tangled up with some creationists which leads to a discussion on purity tests and more examples of Elliotts’ Laws.

And who is giving scepticism a bad name?

Photo by Tom Radetzki on Unsplash

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One comment on “Real scepticism has never been tried

  1. Al Jahom says:

    Listener Shownotes:

    Nice to hear you chaps back so soon.

    Voting is… you’re overthinking it. Voting is violence. That’s all you need.

    The thing about the people who were pro-masks and pro-vaccines is that they applied the precautionary principle for masks (because it was expedient), but they gleefully threw it out of the window on vaccines (when it wasn’t). People like me went with whatever was evidently correct, however inconvenient that was to our wealth and social wellbeing.

    Delingpole…. this is the man who thought ‘his old mucker Dave’ would save Britain, despite all signs to the contrary. He was dancing in the streets on the front pages of Breitbart when Boris became Tory leader, and when he won in 2019.

    Some people (me) had been saying this whole time that he was backing a three-legged donkey in each case. if anyone at all got played and placed themselves beyond forgiveness, it’s James. I’d been a fan.. I gave a very decent chunk of cash when he was internet-begging for his Lyme disease treatment. But when he was dancing around and gloating about Boris, he went beyond the point of redemption for me.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that – like the flat earth elite – James is simply cynically farming imbeciles for clout and patreon subs. It’s hardly a dignified way for a grown man to earn a crust, is it?

    And it’s very sad. He did some fine work on the great eco-con. It’s like he skipped a course at Oxford. He aced the arrogance course, scraped through the viva on ‘entitlement’ and wasn’t even told about the ‘styling it out’ lectures, so missed them completely, thus the difference between him and his old chums Dave and Bozza.

    If you’re bored and doubt that I’ve been of this mind on JD for years, you can search ‘Delingpole’ on my old blog.

    The God pill is a massive cope. It’s the right wing “current thing”. It’s no less ridiculous that the left’s latest “current thing”. It’s an excellent reminder that anyone who isn’t a consummate logician can be susceptible to an ideology that promulgates unfalsifiable claims, defers to a higher power that is beyond the reach of cross-examination, and imbues a sense of piety in those who uncritically follow the teachings. And yet… Vox Day did a pretty good job of taking apart Dawkins, Hitchens and Sam Harris – perhaps I should think harder about some of his assumptions and premises. If you want to flex your brain muscles, read Vox Day’s “The Irrational Atheist” – I’ll be re-reading it (probably over Xmas, because lulz) as it’s years ago now that I last picked it up, before the God-Pill thing happened when I first looked at this.

    I tried the God Pill and I didn’t like it. I think it’s an option pretty much limited to those who were inducted into a church as a child, thus it being a ‘return to simpler, more wholesome times’ thing. Might as well read Paddington Bear books.

    I’m very happy to view The Bible as a fascinating and insightful book of allegorical folk tales, meant to promulgate folk wisdom in the times before reading and writing was a common skill. I’m equally happy to view ‘God’ and ‘The Devil’ as a metaphor for the collective human manifestation of Solzhenitsyn’s aphorism that “The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man”

    Crackpots…. The Real Anthony Fauci Movie: filmification of RFK Jr’s book …Tom Woods punted it… and his word is supposed to be golden. Honestly, I never made it through the film when I had the opportunity. It now costs something like $45 for a digital download. The RAFM mailing list is now pumping out “EM radiation (5G) causes cancer” horseshit. I gather the ‘Died Suddenly’ film did similar, mixing in valid ideas with batshit insanity. As if it’s an opposition plant to discredit those who have misgivings about the whole official Covid narrative. Which is something I warned about in May 2020.

    Probably the funniest crackpot experience I’ve had is when our local library put on an evening of ‘science talks’. The first was a moonbat basement dude from the ‘Electric Universe’ people. I gently poked him, but everyone was being far too polite for me to seriously take him to task for blithely waving away the work of Newton, Einstein, Dirac, Pauli, Schroedinger, Rutherford, Feynmann, Oppenheimer et al. The second presentation was an excellent layman’s primer on General Relativity from a first class science communicator lady. In an audience of more than 50 people, no-one said shit about the moonbat apart from me. These people are all allowed to vote.

    On covid, have you noticed that The Telegraph is now letting the cat out of the bag with increasing regularity. This article alone ( had me bouncing off the ceiling with ‘I fkin told you all so’ energy, given what I wrote on my new blog 6 months ago (see the final paragraph for my prediction ( And on top of all that, we have the new health minister sticking the knife into the old health minister while he is in the celebrity jungle eating camel penises. But it’s all to no avail. People who claim to be ‘tired of winning’ when they are proven right are deluded. They’re only winning when people take notice of them ahead of time during the next episode of collective retardation. I won’t hold my breath, even amongst my personal and professional acquaintances.

    Also on covid, the aging husband of a close friend of mine has just come down with the Wuhan. They’re both boosted to the max and ‘the science is settled’ idiots, even though (or perhaps because) they’re both highly credentialed scientists. We’ve argued about all this before, and naturally, I’m just a conspiracy theorist. I know she was goading me to say something like “oh dear… if only there was some kind of vaccine” but I decided to be the bigger man. Only then did she tell me he caught it at a funeral. I may have to rethink this God thing.

    On the lab leak… yeah.. came out of a lab and there was an article in The Times last week – one of the authors of the report denying it, knew it was ‘the wild west’ for security ( And what is overlooked is the implication that it was actually Fauci himself (and hence US.GOV) who outsourced their gain-of-function research to Wuhan to evade Barry O’Bama’s ban (probably with Barry’s blessing). Therefore it’s the USA who brought this shit down on us all. China simply fell on their swords because it was better than losing face. It’s costing them dear, but not as dearly as the dipshit Ambrose Evans Pritchard thinks ( – China may have a demographics problem, but so has everyone and they still have imperium over great swathes of Africa and the West, and a near-total monopoly on the roar materials needed for a net-zero future. They don’t need people for that. Westerners will be emigrating to China to get work in my lifetime.

    Propaganda… Everything that comes out of a spokes-hole or an MSM outlet is fake. E. V. E. R. Y. T. H. I. N. G. Twas always thus, it just didn’t always used to be so obvious and blatant. Listen to CJ Killmer’s Dangerous History Podcast episodes about British Propaganda in World War 1. (

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