Revised Regulations, Shameful Schools and Manipulating Models

In this edition, we talk about the new, revised regulations that have just come into force during the current covid-19 lockdown.
We talk about the effects of the lockdown so far, and indeed the social distancing guidance that occurred beforehand. What are the chances of you succumbing to sars-cov-19 right now? Are you more at risk from some horrific trouser related accident?
We discuss how schools are interpreting the regulations, and indeed the guidance, which already goes further than the regulations itself.
Finally, we take a second look at Neil Ferguson’s computer model and ask ourselves what it tells us about the people who programmed it.
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2 comments on Revised Regulations, Shameful Schools and Manipulating Models

  1. Al Jahom says:

    Great stuff as ever, chaps.

    If I send you a tenner will you promise you’ll spend it on some oil for your chair? 🙂

    I had the very same squeak with my chair and I tried everything. In the end a can of TF2 teflon lubricant spray from the bike shop cracked it.

    1. Nic Elliott says:

      Ha ha, I heard that squeak when I listened back and did think that has to go!

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