After a brief chat about the return to some old social media platforms, following on from our last podcast, Andrew makes a few predictions about what may happen in the future. Speculations around how people may behave, what they may say and how the narrative may change. Time will tell whether these are more accurate than Andrew’s last prediction that “Masks will be gone in six months”…

In the middle of this, as regular listeners will know, we’ll normally fetch a scotch or two. But this time, Nic brings out a local gin that we both try and muse as to how it may taste with various mixers, before discussing several different types of martini.

Andrew then recaps on some of the utterly ridiculous headlines and newspaper articles warning us of all the things that may cause heart attacks, except for the obvious one of course.

We finish up by talking about the Truckers in Canada and how they’re a proper “people power” movement.

Photo by Andy Orin on Unsplash

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