Audience Capture, Vaccine Absolutism and Rediscovering Ancient Technology

PLEASE NOTE: THE FIRST EDITION OF THIS PODCAST DID NOT UPLOAD CORRECTLY. PLEASE DELETE AND DOWNLOAD AGAIN IF NECESSARY. This episode Andrew begins with asking the question: Do we want people to share this podcast? He gives a few reasons why he’s been asking himself this for a couple of weeks now and we chat...

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White Pills

This episode, we focus on the positive things that are happening in the world. From sound politicians (in other countries) to crypto currencies to vaccine hesitancy (and a few more, besides). It’s easy to focus on the negatives, but this week we hope to lighten your mood by discussing a multitude of stories that, while...

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F***wit or Fiend

This episode Andrew starts with a quick correction, another amusing rock, then on to the main event after a few minutes: A brand new game… Can Nic tell the difference between evil and idiocy? Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash Please visit our website to download or stream all our previous episodes and to read...

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A History Of Violence

Have you wondered how government became the way it is? In this episode, I take a look at the history of the state. How states came into being and how they morphed into the totalitarian juggernauts they are today. We also answer a question about voluntaryism from one of our listeners and talk a little...

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What Will You Tolerate?

You probably think the government does some good things. It’s why you vote. You might think that at least some regulation is needed to prevent sub standard goods entering the market place. Possibly you think that the state is the only mechanism for courts, the police and… roads. Perhaps you think the safety net of...

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Can you be a centrist on everything?

Is it possible to have a moderate/centrist view on a conspiracy theory? How about something as simple as food? Are vegans and carnivore the extremists and omnivores to sensible centrists? We discuss spectra other than the classic political left/right axis and whether there are any other nuanced, moderate positions that we might hold. Photo by...

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Balance signalling

Why are some people sound on some topics yet catastrophic on others Is it a deliberate tactic to not get branded a conspiracy theorist? Is it a form of signalling? In this podcast we try to get to the bottom of this strange but common phenomenon before talking about vaccines, political journeys and the difference...

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Why now?

The world economy is collapsing. But why would the vice wielders, those that pull the strings of governments, the media & big corporations, want to destroy what they’ve spent decades, even hundreds of years creating? And why now? The last two and half years have seen a rapid acceleration in the sheer force of what...

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Bodily Autonomy, Bugs, Birth Rates, Bicyclism and Blax Cuts

Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter “B”. Not intentionally, but a few topics started with it and we managed to crowbar a few more in. We start off with the repeal of Roe v Wade and ask why pro choice libertarians don’t seem to think moving decisions closer to the people they...

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We questioned whether or not to even release this edition of Sounding Board. Recorded on 10 May 2022, it’s one of our longest recordings – but its dark. It’s Andrew’s turn to be feeling a bit low on humanity. From the destruction of food processing plants to Bill Gates’ new book, the Pfizer document drops...

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