Why doesn’t SAGE model positive scenarios?

It’s a week before Christmas, and the veil has been lifted once more on the decision making at the highest levels of government in the UK. In a rare moment on twitter, the head of modelling for the government’s SAGE committee admitted that it would be essentially pointless to model positive outcomes of covid this...

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More Elliott’s Law, Normalising Heart Issues and Converging Opportunism

Remember Elliott’s Law from a previous edition? Andrew thinks he has an example outside of politics, in archeology. Although of course, it turns out everything is political. Are there actually 2 laws, here? And can we broaden the scope of observations to cover more territory of human behaviour? The corporate media are filling us with...

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Bonus Episode – The Tyranny Of The Majority

This is an audio recording of a blog post I wrote in February of last year, but is still relevant. You can find it here, on our website: If we’re going to argue about the tyranny of the majority, I will win. Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash Please visit our website to download or...

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Cautious, yet, er, reversible?

In this edition, Andrew starts out by reading a list of the worst people in Britain. This isn’t another “what’s worse?” game, or a “yes / no” game like Dick & James Delingpole often play. No, these people are so catastrophically awful that there can be no dispute. After that, Nic reads out another list....

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Bonus Episode – COVID-19 Restrictions: Fascist Policies using Socialist Logic

This is an audio recording of a recent article I wrote of the same name: COVID-19 Restrictions: Fascist Policies using Socialist Logic Please visit our website to download or stream all our previous episodes and to read our articles. Web: https://soundingboard.com Podcast RSS: https://soundingboard.com/feed/podcast Remember, you can now subscribe on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWzAT–UxzErq_UU5SCUtFg Please check...

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Unsafe, Ineffective and Unneccessary

Are your standards the same as the those who push theirs from above?  Even if you think the jabs are safe, there can surely be no argument that they are effective any more? Right? Andrew thinks we need a new term to describe the vaccine effectiveness.  No surprise that it leads with a negative.  Nic...

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BREAKING: Unvaccinated brothers still alive after COVID-19

After a short hiatus while SARS2.4 ripped through our families, we’re back to discuss our great suffering, and how we chose to deal with it. What’s the experience of two, healthy, 40-something, “unvaccinated” guys after finally getting infected? We talk about how it spread through our extended family, how bad each of our symptoms were,...

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Power Corrupts

So called “Fact Checking” goes up a notch with a tweet from Zuby posted on his instragram that fails this nonsense measure of reality. Are we getting to a point where some platforms just won’t be worth using any more? Is this what they want? Is there an alternative or are more and more people...

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What do we know, so far?

Nic reads out a list of things we now know for sure related to SARS-CoV-2 and in particular its origins. Knowing what you know, how do you process that information, and how do you cope with the burden of the truth? Andrew analyses the methods of the enemy and asks whether its the perfect blend...

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There are more of us than you realise

This edition, Andrew tries to find the number of people who haven’t succumbed to experimental gene therapy in the UK. Is it comparable to the support for major political parties? There’s a sizable chunk of people who aren’t going back for a second dose as well. Are they on our side or have they just...

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