Has Politics Changed Forever

Has politics as we know it been suspended indefinitely “due to covid”? If that was the end of an era, then what is the next political landscape going to look like? We get back to talking politics again, and whether we really are living in a monopolitical world. We address the continued presence of woke...

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Libertarianism In Mainstream TV

We’re so used to the general level of statist indoctrination that comes out of mainstream television and film, that it can be a surprise to find a truly libertarian character. They are certainly not common, but there are some notable examples, which we talk through here. Sometimes its just a hint of something that is...

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Vaccine Passport Exemptions

In this episode, we discuss the medical exemptions you can self declare in order to attend venues or events that insist on (or by law are mandated to use) the UK Covid Pass. Is there a window of opportunity now where we can avoid both testing and vaccines in order to go about our daily...

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Jack Dorsey Surprises And Anarchism Sells

In this edition, Andrew drops some white pills starting with Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey tweeting out a complete surprise. Is Jack a secret libertarian? Does this mean he’s not really in control of twitter policy or that it could change in the future for the better? We also talk about Michael Malice’s recently released book...

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12 Months From Now

In this episode, we tackle a question from one of the members of our Telegram channel, which you can find at t.me/soundingboard. We were asked what we thought Britain, and the world, would be like a year from now. We begin by reminiscing what it was like twelve months ago and how far things have...

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Do People Really Understand Fascism?

Everyone is taught, quite rightly, that Fascism is bad. But do they really know what it is, other than to name the atrocities of WW2 and the Holocaust? We look at the differences in how the education system and the media have protrayed both Fascism and Communism in the past, and whether there really is...

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The What’s Worse Game: Dad Edition

After listening to the first What’s Worse Game, our Dad couldn’t resist getting in on the action, and so came up with a new list of competing horrors for Nic to challenge Andrew with. The aim of the game is to pick the worst of the two options – not the least worst – and...

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The Amazing Life Of John McAfee

This week, Andrew tells the story of John McAfee. From his early life as a computer programmer at NASA in the 60s to his exploits on the run from the US government for alleged tax evasion, John was always a legend. We hope you enjoy hearing a little more about his fascinating life. How to...

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Should We Really Privatise Viruses?

Nukes are normally one of those areas that even so-called libertarians equivocate on. Do you really want those in the hands of private individuals or corporations? Surely the state is a safe pair of hands and nuclear power and atomic weapons need to be heavily regulated? Right? Well we’ve discussed this topic before (supermarket nukes),...

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Bonus content: The Real And Proper Mummy

A short bonus episode that we hope you’ll enjoy where Nic, initially not realising Andrew had started recording, describes the joy he experienced gaslighting his young children. Did they really think he was their mother? Photo by Avi Agarwal on Unsplash Please visit our website to download or stream all our previous episodes and to...

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