Would Somebody Wake Up Sam Harris?

Sam Harris is at it again. He’s refining his idiotic arguments to be slightly more coherent idiotic arguments. We play a recent clip then take it apart. We then talk about the covid vaccines before Nic makes a point about privatisation and then, well, you’ll just have to listen… Please visit our website to download...

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Trading Tax Codes And Silo Spoilers

SPOILER ALERT! After Andrew asks a difficult question for conservative voters, Nic reveals the main plot and key twist of Apple TV show Silo in order to explore the methods and motives of those controlling society. Can we find parallels in the real world? Do we ever really know the truth? If you don’t want...

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Changing Minds and Reclarifying Positions

This episode, Andrew starts by changing his position on the bible, from what it was a couple of weeks ago, due to our last podcast. Nic and Andrew then begin to reclarify all the things that they have changed their minds on over the past few years, from vaccines to myocarditis to the deep state....

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Why don’t christians believe the bible?

Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out that there isn’t a spiritual god mentioned in what we know of as the Bible? What if the bad guys calculatingly and deliberately edited text, removed entire books and changed (or outright invented) definitions of words 2000 years ago in order to “create” religion? Well Bible scholar...

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The Seven Leftly Sins

In this episode, Andrew spend some time thinking about Pride, with a capital P, and how the left have embraced the worst of the seven deadly sins. But is that the only one? Or have the left embraced absolutely all of the deadly sins…? Photo by Shalone Cason on Unsplash Please visit our website to...

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Why Are Products Getting Worse?

In this episode, Nic starts off with some news about where we’re charting in political podcasts. Or not. In the past, we would have considered this bad news. But now, we consider this good, as it means we’re being recognised as no longer primarily commenting on politics. This reminds Andrew of a scenario he was...

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Not Optimistic, But Hopeful

In this episode, Nic starts off by asking Andrew how he feels about the current war. Which war, you ask? Andrew asks the same thing. We talk about waking up and whether it’s better off to be awake, or whether blissful ignorance would lead to a greater happiness in life. We then talk about dreams,...

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Transgender Sports, Conspiracy Theories and Contagion

This episode Andrew starts with an article about a topic he is genuinely an expert in: volleyball. Recently, a female volleyball player suffered head & neck injuries after being hit with a volleyball that was spiked by a trans woman (a man cosplaying as a woman). We discuss the gulf between men & women in...

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Collapsing Currencies, Psychopaths and Conspiracy Theories

Here at Sounding Board, we take pride in talking about issues that are conspicuous due to their absence in the corporate press and legacy media. So for us, issues often become recurring topics, when you’ll rarely hear about them anywhere else. We begin with one such topic: currency collapse. Specifically, in this case, the petrodollar...

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Apples And Antimatter

Have you watched Clarkson’s Farm, yet? If you have, you might be wondering just how realistic it is. In this episode we talk about the realities faced by farmers everywhere, after I spent time with some, asking them questions about all the rules and regulations they have to adhere to. We then check back in...

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