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In our recent podcasts, there have been a few recurring themes. One of these themes has been the “cock up or conspiracy” question, as there are still many who believe that everything bad since 2020 has been the result of mistakes, of one well intentioned but ultimately disastrous policy after another. In the last episode,...

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Almost Always Eventually Right

How many types of people have there been during the past three years of insanity? We tend to think of there being two distinct camps, pro covid measures and anti. But is it really that simple? There are many people who were anti lockdown, but pro vaccine. And even the pro vaccine can be separated...

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Bad Losers

Last time around, we talked a lot about two well known commentators, Scott Adams and Sam Harris. Both vaccinated, and boosted up to the eyeballs, they’re now taking different paths. Scott has admitted that the anti vaxxers have won, whilst Sam is doubling down on everything. But who is doing more for the anti covid...

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Masks, Masseuses and Morons

In this episode, Andrew starts out by relaying some information about his recent visit to our beloved NHS, peace be upon it. Andrew and Nic then discuss a couple of people from the other side, Sam Harris and Scott Adams. Both have been pro vax, but both have appeared recently with completely different outlooks. Finally,...

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By Psychopaths, For Psychopaths

In 2017, the American NGO: Center for Health Security, there’s a scary name, created The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028. A futuristic scenario for public health communicators. The parallels between SPARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 are uncanny. And not just the virus itself, but the way it’s handled by the cathedral. In this episode, we take a good look...

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Tangents on tangents on tangents

Bear with us on this pod, as even the tangents we take have tangents of their own. A bit of a ramble, in this edition Andrew goes dark early, and we talk about the possibility of everyone dying who’s taken the experimental gene therapies. What about the new evidence on IgG4 antibodies and original antigenic...

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Twitter files, midwits and heart damage

There have been more twitter files releases, both on how the company worked with US intelligence agencies hand in glove, and on Covid related matters, such as suppressing antivaxxers and banning medical doctors. Did they really establish teams of off-shore operators to decide if tweets mentioning myocarditis should be censored or not? We talk about...

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Twitter Files – Part Two

In this episode, we continue to talk about the Twitter Files as 8 more threads have been dropped by independent journalists with data drops from Elon Musk. We also talk a little bit about Matt Hancock’s diaries, Covid tyranny (for a change), Strep A and Kanye West’s recent media appearances. Photo by Souvik Banerjee on...

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Twitter Files – Part One

Time for a special two parter – but only because the recorder got full and we lost the second half. Oops. So tune in next time when we will cover the topics the recorder missed, such as Matt Hancock’s diaries, a look back at our lockdown stance, and a discussion on the artist now known...

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Real scepticism has never been tried

Population growth is slowing, but is that evidence of a long campaign to depopulate the earth? Or is it just the continued development of poorer countries? Nic gets tangled up with some creationists which leads to a discussion on purity tests and more examples of Elliotts’ Laws. And who is giving scepticism a bad name?...

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