The Bible Is A Bad Faith Document

It’s religion again, this time.

Although, firstly we feel we have to talk about the recent James Delingpole / David Icke event or, more specifically, the reaction from James afterwards.

You can watch it yourself here if you want to, before listening to this podcast:

During the event, James accuses David of being “one of them” which was a surprise to us all. He’s written a blog post about it since, although it is behind a paywall, and he’s discussed it with his brother Dick on the Delingpod. Regular listeners of this podcast (all 5 of you), will know that we are fans of both James (and Dick) and David, so it’s not easy for us to comment on this or make criticisms. But we feel we must. We do encourage you to watch/listen for yourself though and make up your own mind.

After that, we talk a little about Christianity in general as Nic has read Gods Of The Bible by Mauro Biglino again and then, if we haven’t lost enough listeners by that point, Andrew talks about voters again and how you need to take into account the average intelligence of the voting pool when taking part in such farcical activities as democracy.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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