Nukes are normally one of those areas that even so-called libertarians equivocate on.

Do you really want those in the hands of private individuals or corporations? Surely the state is a safe pair of hands and nuclear power and atomic weapons need to be heavily regulated? Right?

Well we’ve discussed this topic before (supermarket nukes), but this time how about deadly viruses?

Should the development of virus technology be super-regulated like nukes, or should the private sector have free rein?

Could a deadly virus that would wipe out humanity be created by the private sector if there were no government regulation?

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

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3 comments on Should We Really Privatise Viruses?

  1. Al Jahom says:

    I’m sorry, I know it’s bad form but “free reign” is making my eye twitch….

    It’s ‘free rein’ – it comes from horse-riding where you let the tension out of the rein and let the horse go its own way.

    1. Andrew Elliott says:

      I’ve just edited it!

      Thanks for letting us know. Nic wrote that one, so I blame him!

      It’s like “chomping at the bit”. That one makes my eye twitch and you see/hear it all the time.

      1. Nic Elliott says:

        Oops! Thanks.

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